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Your Pay Your Way Episode:5

The Mysterious World of Pensions We should all be thinking about, and planning for, the future. That means thinking about retirement and how we are going to afford to finish up work later in life. In this episode, Robbie Hewitt of JKFS Independent joins us to talk about Pensions. Robbie explains in simple terms what…More

Club 365 Radio Show

Summary The young people of Club 365 planned and recorded their own short interviews. TranscriptionMore

GBT Science Club Podcast Episode 11

The first of two episodes both on Wind Energy. This week we interviwed Connor and Jade from Strathclyde University who are both doing degrees in wind energy. Here is a video about how an Offshore Wind Farm is made off of the coast of The Nedtherlands: How They Build Offshore Wind Farms РYouTubeMore

Our Podcasts

Active Travel Podcast

The Active Travel podcast series provides updates on the latest GBT Shotts Active Travel projects and relalated subjects. For more info contact GBT Shotts Healthy Living Centre. | Facebook or email Craig at craig@shottshealthyliving.com or follow on Twitter at @GBTtransport or on Instagram @GBTsthub.

Science Club Podcast

Our science club participants help document their experiments and interview special guests on various science based areas of expertise.

Your Pay Your Way

Our first podcast series coming out of Listen Lanarkshires Podcast Club is by Adele Prendergast: Your Pay Your Way – “Money, money, money! We’ll be looking at all things finance, bringing you hints, tips and conversations on everything that is important about your pay.”

Spin N’ Talk

I’m Logan, and this show is all about spinning a wheel and talking about whatever it lands on. The categories range from music and TV to nostalgia and sci-fi. One week I could be talking about Star Trek, and the next week I could be talking about Africa by Toto. In the end, I just want to have some fun.

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Listen Lanarkshire is a community radio station for the community of the Fortissat Area of Scotland.


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