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Your Pay Your Way Bonus Episode

This has been Debt Awareness Week and I wanted to acknowledge it even though I want to wait to do a full in-depth episode, or several episodes on debt, later down the line. This short bonus episode give a few tips on dealing with debt and how we should think about what debt is so…More

Your Pay Your Way Episode 2

We probably all have a bank account but how did you pick it?  And was that a good reason to choose that particular bank? You might be going to uni and looking for a student account or wondering what it means to have a joint bank account.  We’ll be breaking down the most common accounts…More

Your Pay Your Way Episode 1

Money is one of the least talked about subjects – in social settings, in school, in general – the topic of money is avoided!   In this episode we have a quick chat about money, why people avoid the subject, why we should be talking about it and some statistics from a recent study about…More

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Active Travel Podcast

The Active Travel podcast series provides updates on the latest GBT Shotts Active Travel projects and relalated subjects. For more info contact GBT Shotts Healthy Living Centre. | Facebook or email Craig at craig@shottshealthyliving.com or follow on Twitter at @GBTtransport or on Instagram @GBTsthub.

Science Club Podcast

Our science club participants help document their experiments and interview special guests on various science based areas of expertease.

Your Pay Your Way

Our first podcast series coming out of Listen Lanarkshires Podcast Club is by Adele Prendergast: Your Pay Your Way – “Money, money, money! We’ll be looking at all things finance, bringing you hints, tips and conversations on everything that is important about your pay.”

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